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GPAR is an architecture firm based in Genoa founded by Guglielmo Parodi in 2010.

The firm operates at different scales in the field of architecture, restoration and recovery in Italy and abroad.

The firm deals with exterior and interior design and offers the client, thanks to a working methodology developed over decades of experience, solid support in the various phases from conception to realization of the work.
GPAR, in addition to following its own projects, provides valid support to professional firms, freelancers, agencies and all those who work in the field of architecture, civil and naval design, offering free-lance collaboration services.








The firm deals with Architectural Design in the civil sector, operating at different project scales, both in the public and private sectors.
The firm provides assistance to its clients throughout the contract management process, from the drafting of feasibility studies and preliminary diagnostic analyses, to the executive planning and consequent works management for the construction of the finished work.
Thanks to decades of experience in the sector and a consolidated network of collaborators in various professional and artisanal sectors, the firm provides its clients with constant support in all the different phases of the design process, taking care of the interests and needs of the client through application of a management process capable of maximizing the desired results.
Thanks to the constant passion for the profession, the firm faces each new project with dynamism as a new adventure and a new challenge, each time seeking more efficient answers to problems already encountered previously and proposing ideas and solutions that are always innovative and congenial to the needs of each individual Client, evaluated on a case-by-case basis on the basis of the actual needs that each project presents.
The firm carries out constant research and professional updating to assist and lead its clients towards choices aimed at increasing awareness of the use of innovative technologies and ecological products with low CO2 emissions capable of impacting the environment as little as possible .
GPAR's main objective is the creation of highly integrated projects in the context in which they arise and with a reduced environmental impact; projects that it believes must be based on a careful and scrupulous environmental, social and cultural analysis capable of combining the needs of those who live there with the needs of the context in which they originate.
The studio offers design services in various sectors:
- Urban and territorial planning
- Construction of new residential, commercial and office buildings
- Architectural restoration and conservative rehabilitation of historic buildings
- Interior renovation and custom-made furniture design
- Design of customized swimming pools
- Hospitality and Contract Design
The studio operates mainly in the civil sector but for years has collaborated with entities operating in the naval field, offering freelance design support services such as the drafting of executive and construction drawings and the creation of renderings for presentations with high visual impact and realistic photos.
Thanks to the know-how gained over years of experience, the firm also collaborates continuously with various design studios for the development of executive details, images for competitions, landscape authorizations and company presentations.



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